Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ShoeDazzle - January

Ok kids - here are my January options:


What do you think?

I'm pretty sure I've had Bliss in my showroom before (maybe in black??).  I can't remember why I didn't buy it in black because I'm really diggin the brown. 

And I really like Emmy, but I'm a little concerned because of the satin. If it was a leather shoe, I'd jump on it. I'm just not sure how well the satin will hold up and I'm thinking that takes this shoe out of the running for wearing to the office. 


Can I just tell you how bummed I am that Ciji is out of stock?

This color combo is to.die.for. but was already out of stock in my size when I logged in on January 2nd :(

The other color options are navy/gray and a deep red. Neither of those really did anything for me.

And finally, Audrey...I can't decide what I think about this shoe.

Initially I hated it (and incidentally almost every pair of shoes shown to me this month had the same type of platform), but after a couple of minutes I started to dislike it a bit less.  In fact I almost threw it into the running for this month, but when I went in to add the picture today, I hated it again.  Is this type of platform the new "in" thing for shoes? I sure hope not!


  1. I remembered encountering that type of platform while selling shoes. It depends on the color of the shoe. Black wasn't too bad, bright colors bordered on stripper...

  2. I love the Emmy but like you said with the satin .. i'd be nervous to wear it ! I really LOVE bliss ! I have a pair of BCBG from a while back with the same pattern and I wore them til the heel snapped :( I don't care for the wedge heel but it is different and I like different. The Audrey is very basic and who can't use a nice pair of black pumps ?! The platform gives them a little edge too .. i dig it !

    Good luck ! :)