Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless Wedsday this isn't exactly (ok it's not at all) a Wordless Wednesday.  I started looking for hot shoes to show you today and I found these!!

Here are the details: 

Welcome to comfortable heels! This 3.5” pump is perfect to dress up any outfit and put a smile on your face. This classic style is so versatile and never felt so good. The ____________________ comfort footbed will give you confidence knowing your feet will be thankful!
The _______________ high heel features:
  • Genuine leather lining – supple leather lining ensures breathable wear and immediate comfort with little or no break-in required.
  • Shock-absorbing innersole for reduced muscle fatigue and added stability.
  • Durable TR (Thermoplastic Rubber) outsole provides resilience and traction for long-lasting quality – can be resoled.
  • 3.5 inch high heel (88.9 mm).

They're also available in these other awesome colors:

See - aren't they all cute?? And as an extra bonus, every single review I can find for them is positive (well, except for the one that said they run very small) and said this sure is even better in person and very comfortable.  How often does that happen?

These shoes are $99.99.  They offer free shipping! Ebates will give you 7.5% cash back for your purchase of these shoes.

Have you noticed that I haven't posted any links or given you the name or designer of these shoes??  Yeah I thought you probably had.  Wanna know why?? Because they're designed by...I can't believe I'm saying this...they're designed by crocs.  That's right, crocs.  More specifically, You by crocs.  The beauty I've been going on and on about is the Frilita.

Yeah, you read that right.  I'm posting about fucking crocs.  You know, the shoes I often say were created by the devil himself.  And yeah, I still think crocs are creations of the devil, but their You line has some cute stuff like these hot boots and...ok, maybe those are the only two pairs I like, but man I really like them.

So I'm here to ask you, how big of a hipocrite would I be if I bought a pair of shoes from crocs?  Are they really cute or am I fooling myself?  HELP!!!


  1. They are so cute!! Go for it, nobody has to know they are crocs!

  2. They're cute, buy them. We're all hypocrites.