Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just when I say I'm gonna be better...

I need to just stop saying I'm going to take it easy with my shoe purchases because it seems every.single.time. I say that I end up buying more! But this time it wasn't my fault. Allow me to explain:

Every so often ShoeDazzle emails me with a dazzle deal, and I almost always ignore the email. This morning I opened up the email and for some reason decided to check it out. Today's deal was 5 different styles of Velvet Angel shoes for $39.95. These aren't ShoeDazzle brand shoes - they are shoes that retail at anywhere from $150 on up, most being in the $300 range. SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR. Designer shoes for almost 90% off??? Yes, please.

How in the world was I supposed to pass this up?? I wasn't. So you see, that's how this wasn't my fault at all.

I frantically began looking at the options and figuring which ones were available in my size (aka giant) and kept trying to add them to my cart, but the site wasn't allowing me to shop (blasphemy!). Luckily, I was thinking clearly enough to try to call their customer service line and after being on hold for a few minutes a lovely lady picked up the phone and became my shoe savior for the day. She quickly told me which shoes were available in my size and I was able to get 2 pairs ordered with ease.

On to the good stuff...what I ordered!

I'll start with these - the Zoo Bar in black:

Here's what ShoeDazzle had to say about them: ‘Zoo Bar’ platform pump by Velvet Angels is pristine, with a beveled platform that commands attention and reflects the light. The genuine leather upper is stitched at the towering heel, with seductive cutouts that showcase every curve. This versatile side-zip beauty has oodles of sex appeal and will shine a spotlight on your stems.

With a 5" heel and a 1" platform these babies are sure to make my legs look nice and long!

And now I present to you the Infinity in mauve:

ShoeDazzle says: The gorgeous ‘Infinity’ shoe by Velvet Angels shows off a seemingly infinite number of criss-crossing straps that glide up to the ankles. With a fierce metallic beveled platform and sky-high heel, these shoes have a commanding ‘come hither’ vibe. Anchored by grommets that lend Infinity urban sophistication, the straps playfully showcase hints of skin while retaining some mystery. A genuine leather upper and sole distinguish this zip-back stunner.
And I couldn't agree more! These puppies are perfect for summer! They also have a killer 5" heel and a 1" platform.

I'll close with this:

Dear Mother Nature -
Can you please speed the end of winter up a bit so I can wear my new shoes?
Love, Me

**WTF is up with blogger lately? Is anyone else having a really hard time getting photos to go in the right place? Sorry for the ridiculous formatting!


  1. You are my shoe hero...seriously. I have been staying away from any shoes sites as I have had a serious itch for some shoe therapy.

  2. so so cute ! congrats on the great find ! :)

  3. Hey! I just saw your picture on my husband's twitter feed, he's GarySchmidt. AND he said he saw you in Memphis after the marathon at BB Kings?!? I was there and had no idea it was you he was talking about. I didn't even know you were running. Small world!
    Mindy (Determan) Schmidt